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Most Hi Fi Pundits agree that vinyl records are still the world's most satisfying medium for the reproduction of music. It reigns supreme in terms of performance and quality - unlike compact disc, MP3 and streaming, there seems to be no limit to the musical information that can be laid down on vinyl. In recent years, advances in turntable design have caused the gulf between CD performance and vinyl to widen even further. All our record brands are selected for quality of manufacture and the highest quality standards in the market place.

Regardless of how good your turntable is, there is one item that will drastically affect how good your deck sounds. The quality of the vinyl pressings that you play!  Choose from our selection below, each carefully pressed on high quality vinyl some on 180g vinyl, with fantastic sleeves displaying the artwork in the way CD can only dream about. Why not give your eyes, ears and turntable a treat today.

For very large percentages music lovers the very best way to listen to music is from the vinyl LP. Having been around for many decades but suffering a lack of attention during the 1990's, meaning it is harder to get titles from this period; Vinyl never completely went away, with a devout group of followers keeping the art alive. Nowadays of course it has seen something of a revival with most releases available somewhere in the world on good old LP's

Whilst more difficult to store and requiring more care in day to day life, the benefits far outweigh these drawbacks for users. The sense of occasion as a record is removed from the sleeve and played, along with the large format artwork I'm sure is part of the appeal, and it is for me. The sense of realism, detail and dynamics along with a warmth and musicality somehow lacking in the digital formats are the main benefits for me and others. The lack of harshness and better musicality compared to the high definition digital format is an odd phenomenon, as many LP's are taken from the digital masters......

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