Vinyl is a growing market place and is still the world's best medium for the reproduction of music and its ability to reproduce the best musicality of any recording. It reigns supreme in terms of performance and quality - unlike CD, there seems to be no limit to the musical information that can be laid down on vinyl. In recent years, advances in turntable design have caused the gulf between CD performance and vinyl to widen even further.

Turntables are a growing market according to GFK figures, vinyl sales are growing whilst CD sales have fallen considerably. According to the British Phonographic Industry figures show the highest level for 15 years. With sales of vinyl growing by over 50% year on year, more and more customers are upgrading their turntables and dusting off their record collections than ever before.

HiFix sell a wide range of Hi Fi Turntables from budget to esoteric, brands such as Rega, Michell, Project and many more provide a great choice to help make your decision on what to buy. Famous for the Rega Planar turntable which is a great starting point in your research, or investigate some of the brilliant engineering designs from hand built Michell Turntables where you can choose exactly what level of build you desire, choosing from a range of tone arms and good quality turntable cartridges and owning a turntable combination that is explicit for your needs. 

Normally less expensive turntables for example the Project Debut Turntable arrive with a cartridge fitted by the manufacturer which normally provides adequate performance for the casual listener. More serious music lovers should probably consider upgrading to a higher performance cartridge such as the Denon DL103 Moving Coil Cartridge. Most cartridges, or at least their stylus’s, should be replaced approximately every 500 to 1000 hours of play time — this is also a good time to upgrade. Better cartridges tend to last longer, sound better, and because of lower tracking weight produce less wear on the grooves of your records.

Do not forget that a turntable is can be effected by mechanical vibrations from external and also internal influences, a turntable stand is a perfect way of providing the necessary support that is needed, a good turntable support is the most inexpensive way of increasing the musicality and overall performance of your turntable, ensure that any support isolates the turntable from internal and external influences.  Choosing your turntable and fitting separate tone arms of your choice is a great way to improve your cartridge tracking and create the level of quality of sound reproduction with the same experience as being at a live performance.

So, in essence why not get all your vinyl records out of storage and start to enjoy again the many benefits of listening to real music again, I guarantee you will not be disappointed, remember Vinyl records are here to stay and reproduction on a Hi Fi Turntable is far superior than CD, MP3 and any form of digital download.

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