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Stand Isolation Accessories
Most Hi Fi Components are affected by mechanical vibrations this is not necessarily external influences but mainly from the equipment itself. Speakers for example need a good foundation from their own vibrations, so Speaker stands are the special ingredient to enable a speaker to work mechanically proficiently and produce a musical experience that you can enjoy.

Carpet Spikes
The use of carpet or top-level spikes will help the speakers reduce these muddying effects by stabilizing the speaker and effectively coupling the speaker to a more solid floor. There are many products that can improve sound imagery and create a more open sounding system, Atacama Atabites for example are used to leaden the stand which also improves stability particularly on carpeted floors. Gel Pads, will ensure that a ridged connection is made between speaker and stand these are manufactured by Atacama who have researched and developed many isolation accessories over many years.

Isolation Cones
Isolation cones are a great way to isolate certain products from effecting or muddying sound quality particularly on vinyl turntables which by their very nature can be affected by extraneous vibrations although most turntables have extra damping and isolation devices it can never be enough to totally reduce this problem. Isolation cones placed under equipment will reduce these effects particularly under amplifiers with large transformers that are constantly pulsating 50 times every second.

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