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Subwoofer Guide
The scale, volume and spectacle of the silver screen continues to attract audiences to their local multiplex to view the latest summer blockbuster or indie smash hit. But many moviegoers also want to reproduce that experience from the comfort of their own home. Thankfully, there are products on the market that can bring the big screen experience to your living room; everything from widescreen TVs, speakers and mood lighting! Once installed, all you'll need to do is bring the popcorn, should you require any help or advice on Subwoofers do not hesitate to contact our help line on 02476 631707 or email, our experienced staff are here to help.

Home Cinema Subwoofers
To fully recreate the big screen experience, you'll need a set of home cinema speakers that offer cohesive, engaging sounds with excellent definition and detail. In addition, you may need to conduct some research into the market to see which speakers best fit your needs. There are many choices when it comes to choosing Subwoofers look out for brands like Kef, Monitor Audio, Bowers and Wilkins, Mission, Q Acoustics and SVS, famous for accuracy, build quality and value for money

Below is a guide to a few of the common features and options you'll find in a home cinema speaker system which should help outline the differences between a smaller, budget set and the full booming experience of the silver screen.

Listening to a system with a sub-woofer allows low frequencies to be heard at the level that the music producer intended, whilst low frequency bass is non directional, meaning that it will fill the room without know where this is originating from, it does mean that the listener hears the full range of the music as intended and particularly where you are watching a movie you will be amazed what is on the sound track and the effect it will have on the enjoyment of watching the movie. 

Frequency Response
A sub-woofer is designed to reproduce frequencies below the range of your normal conventional stereo front speakers, it should reproduce frequencies under 100 Hz and ideally go down to responses of 20 Hz or lower, when you check the frequency response of your front speakers you will notice that output will fall off at frequencies below 50 Hz and sometime higher this means in effect that you will miss most of the lower bass sounds that the movie director intended you to hear unless you have a subwoofer in your system.

Subwoofers for your Hi Fi Systems
For two channel stereo listening for audiophiles and home cinema enthusiasts what is better than a subwoofer, and it is this – 2 subwoofers – why? You have stereo channels for perfection have 2 subs positioned because a single sub cannot reproduce the ambiance and out of phase detail in a true stereo configuration and should you listen to a lot of classical music they will be doing a much better and refined job of reproducing the acoustic of the concert hall that the orchestra is playing in.

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