Outdoor Speakers

Out Door Speaker Guide

Outdoor speakers provide their own set of challenges when it comes to making the right choice. For instance, where will I need to place them? how large an area will they be in? How many pairs will I need? Hopefully we will cover all these considerations to make the choice easier for you. The outdoor speakers available from HiFix are all weather resistant. Most of the manufacturer’s guidelines will say to mount the speakers with some cover to protect them from the harsher weather conditions that may happen in the heights of winter and summer for instance.  Under a porch, eaves etc will normally provide good protection.


Most outdoor speakers are similar to a standard indoor bookshelf speaker in principal. A cabinet but this time made from a moulded weather proof material contains one or more drive units. There is also a multi position bracket attached to the sides, top and bottom or back or the speaker. This is then fixed to a firm and stable surface. Some other speakers are made to be submerged slightly into the ground, maybe in a flower bed etc to be hidden and more discrete. So no matter where you want the sound there will be a speaker to suit the location.


When selecting an outdoor speaker it is critical to understand that having a speaker in free open space is different to having a similar sized unit inside a room. Bass characteristics have the most noticeable difference. With no walls in which to contain the air that is being moved and bounce sound off of placing a speaker outdoors can lack in bass. To alleviate this issue somewhat, mounting the speaker in a corner or against a flat wall will improve bass response and yield a richer fuller sound. The other possibility if space is not an issue is to have a larger speaker capable of moving more air and lower bass.

When covering a larger area for sound it is better to have more speakers than louder units. The speakers will not always be running at maximum and therefore will give a better overall sound. Also the person close to the speaker will not be deafened whiles a person further away cannot hear properly.

Speaker placement.

Placing your speakers correctly will improve performance and the overall enjoyment of an outdoor music system.  Mounting speakers high will help with the projection and cover a wider area with sound. Be careful not to mount them to high or this could make them sound thin. Around 10ft high will provide good results.  If possible speakers should be around 12 ft from the listening area and 10-10ft apart for optimum stereo performance. In a larger area two pairs of speakers may be needed in this case imagine the area as a square with speakers at each corner. Be sure to have the left speakers for instance opposite each other and the same for the right. This helps every space in the area being covered to have a good stereo sound.  information is only a guideline so if you don’t want to have a speaker here or there, there are no hard and fast rules as to putting it elsewhere.


Connecting speakers outside normally requires speaker cable from a powered amplifier indoors. This means there is no need for power outside. Once again take care where cables are placed. If they must go underground putting them in some piping can mean they are easier to change if need be and also less likely be damaged by digging etc.

HiFix on Line have been supplying loud speaker solutions to customers who wish to have music outdoors for many years. We can help put together a system that will not only sound great but last for many years to come. We have ranges of Outdoor speaker from, Bose, Acoustic energy, Monitor Audio, Bowers & Wilkins and KEF.

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