In Ceiling & In Wall Speakers

A Guide to In-Ceiling and Wall speakers

There are a number of reasons you would choose to have in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Most the time someone will want this type of speaker is for discrete multi room audio or in a custom home cinema where more space can be left for furniture and decor. That can be achieved from the start of a house, extension build or Speaker Back Boxes can be retrofitted into a room’s walls or ceilings by a specialist installer, so if you are looking for a discrete solution to having great sounds and very discrete speakers may be a consideration for you. Discrete In-ceiling and in-wall speakers can provide surprisingly good quality reproduction, they can be fitted as mono speakers for rooms around the home for music in each room or full blown on stereo systems with in-wall subwoofers for your main home cinema or Hi Fi System.

Most of the Ceiling and In-Wall speakers we stock are stereo speakers, delivering the full spectrum of sound. However, for specialist installation purposes, or to create a discreet installation Surround Sound System, we also offer a selection of Mono Ceiling and In-Wall speakers, as well as subwoofer units which also need to be mounted in the wall or ceiling. Stereo speakers can be used individually, in pairs or in any configuration you choose. Mono speakers are always better in pairs, as they are only capable of reproducing one channel of audio

What are In-ceiling and in-Wall speakers?
These speakers are just like a normal speaker you would put with a hi fi system but without the cabinet. They are designed to use the cavity of the wall / Ceiling they are in as he cabinet which is what helps project the rich bass you get from a traditional loud speaker. Some speakers can be provided with a back box you can build in the other wall/ceiling prior to installation of the speaker. This will help focus the sound of the speaker and reduce the amount of noise transmitted through the walls of the house.

Which Type should I choose?
As with any other small speakers there are a number of variables which will help you decide which speakers to have.

How big is the room?
Considering the size of the room you are having music in is very importing any. If it is a very small room say a bathroom or en-suite a small speaker will possibly suffice. A Medium sized room may need a pair of speakers to provide a room filling sound. Get to a large room like a living room for instance; multiple pairs of speakers may be needed to have good sound for the whole space. There is nothing worse than only hearing one side of the stereo performance while the other side plays in a completely different space. Also, when considering the room size is to consider the speaker size. A larger speaker will generate more bass there for making a richer sound in a larger space to that of the sound compared to a small speaker. Also, the space you have to physical install the speaker is very important indeed. You will need to fine the available depth of cavity on the walls/ ceilings you want to install your speaker in.

What shape Speaker Grills would you like?
If you are installing speakers as a surround sound where the front speakers will frame the TV, you may want a long thin grill under and a shorter rectangle either side. In ceiling speakers will normally be round but Square grills are also available to when it would be a more appropriate shape to use. Make sure when you are planning where the speakers are going to get the measurements of the actual grill that will be on show as this can differ in shape and size the installation mount. Not only can shape be considered but some speakers are motorised meaning that when not in use they are hidden flush in the ceiling but when they receive a signal they move out from the ceiling pointing more in the direction of the listener. This is great for home cinema systems where the direction of the sound is important the create the correct feel and atmosphere for the film.

High quality in-Ceiling/Wall speakers
In-wall/ceiling come in a variety of shapes and sizes as we have spoken about but just because they are in the wall does not mean you have to compromise sound. Bowers and Wilkins incorporate their famous Kevlar drivers and nautilus tweeters in their Install speakers and KEF install their superb UniQ tweeters in their higher end install speakers. If there is not enough room filling sound from the in wall/ceiling speakers alone some companies make on and in-wall subwoofers. This is great for a completly bespoke and hidden home cinema install.

Speaker Connections
When considering which speakers to use, also think about how you will power them and from where. There are many great systems available now which allow a single rack of equipment hidden under the stairs or cupboard. The=is means that not only can you have the speakers hidden but also the amplifiers, sky boxes, virgin boxes, streamers, servers etc etc. Many companies such as Rotel, Classe, B&W manufacture Multi Channel Amplifiers which will power your installed speakers. Speaker Cable is just as important a part of the install. When installing the Speaker cable to connect these items up make sure to use UL-approved Speaker cable. Audioquest have quite a range which meets all the standards as sound great to.

Would you like a quote for audio around you home and in your walls?
Here at Frank Harvey our team of audio experts have been supplying custom install equipment for many years. We have a wealth of knowledge which enables us to pick the best speakers for your home environment. We also stock the best brands in the audio world like KEF, Monitor Audio, Bowers & Wilkins, PMC and Acoustic Energy. Call in to our showroom (Details on our Contact page) for the best advice or call us on 02476 63170 or by email to [email protected] for more information on In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers.

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