Floor Standing Speakers

Floor Standing Speaker Guide

Choosing Floor Standing Speakers can be problematic and time consuming, it’s always best to do your research and decide what is the most suitable and within your budget. There are many brands to choose from and the British design and manufacture some of the finest speakers in the world so how do we go about choosing the right speakers for you.
Room Size.
If you have a large room you are looking to fill with sound or have a formidable front image from your home cinema system you should be considering Floor Standing Speakers. Due to having more cabinet space and generally more and larger drive units they can create a larger and more realistic sound stage. Often, we hear people say the Floor Standing speakers may be too loud. This is a common misconception about large speakers. Normally the case is that they are more efficient and due to being able to move more air in the low frequencies means that you can have a much more involving listening experience at the same volumes you would play a book shelf speaker at. This being said you may require a more powerful amplifier to make the speakers perform at their best.

System Matching
First of all consider what amplification you have or what your Hi Fi amplifier will be if you are choosing that at the same time, most speakers have an impedance which will be between 4 and 8 ohms, this is the resistance of the voice coils of the speaker measured with an ohm metre and all Hi Fi amplifiers will be designed to work with that impedance. All speakers have a sensitivity rating This is how efficient the speaker is at turning the current delivered to it into sound/ decibels. For example, a speaker with a sensitivity of 85 decibels needs 100 watts of power to produce the same volume that a speaker with a sensitivity of 91 decibels requiring 25 watts to produce.  Thus, matching the power of the amplifier and the sensitivity of the speaker is very important for good performance. should you require any help or advice on Bookcase Speakers do not hesitate to contact our help line on 02476 631707 or email us at [email protected], our experienced staff are here to help.

Placement of speakers.
Due to the nature of floor standing speakers having greater bass extension room placement becomes more critical than with a bookshelf speaker. Having space around the speaker is essential as reflections from the wall behind it will hinder bass performance. But with a large space and good placement the bass extension more than makes up for placement concerns.

Types of floor standing speaker.
Floor standing speakers come in a variety of sizes, configurations and qualities.  Some being just under 3ft tall and other approaching 6 and 7ft. Larger speakers tend to have larger or more bass drive units to generate the sounds at both extremes of human hearing meaning nothing gets left out of the performance. There are also a lot of differences between cabinet design, some manufactures employing transmission line type design, some a bass reflex and ported enclosure and some with isobaric bass drivers. All have unique characteristics which with the right amplification can provide the listener with years of enjoyment.

What Hi Fi Best Buys and Reviews
Forums and magazines like What Hi Fi area very popular way to carry out research on your choice of Floor standing speakers, so it is always recommended to read the various comments good and bad on a selection before you proceed to purchase.  Reading the reviews will also guide you in the critical room placement of your speakers. Also, there are a number of ideas for what to put them on and cable to be used with them for optimum performance.

Bi-wireable Speakers
Most of our Floor standing speakers will feature gold plated Banana type connection sockets that can accept either Banana plugs or Spade terminals. Some models are bi-wireable by segregating the high frequency tweeter and main base drivers and this has a profound improvement in a more open and defined sound stage providing even better musical reproduction. Bi-wireable speakers can also be bi-amped giving further gains in openness and tighter more refined bass response.

Don’t forget that speaker cables can make an enormous difference to the overall sound quality of you Hi fi system. There are many different types and brands of Speaker cable and all of them have distinct signature on the sound of your equipment. With so musk Wi-Fi and other wireless signals it’s important to keep this energy and extraneous frequencies out of your cable, there are shielded cables and unique design features by some manufactures which will help keep all that unwanted noise out of your music.

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