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Computer Multimedia Speaker Guide
Most of the time if you are working from a computer and you love listening to music, you can’t do much with your integrated laptop speakers. What you need is a computer multimedia speaker system, which will give you the flexibility that you need and great sound quality to match.

Plug & Play
At HIFIX we stock hi-fi computer multimedia speakers for both entry level and audiophile grade users. Also, you can choose between 2.0, 2.1 and 5.1 systems. Some of these speakers will have USB connectivity ready, so all you have to do is plug and play. Hifix stock most of the best brands including Bose, Bowers and Wilkins, Monitor Audio, Acoustic Energy and Denon.

Some speakers such as Monitor Audio for example, will stream your music through WI-FI. All you need is to connect them to your existing WI-FI network, connect your pc or laptop too and start steaming music through iTunes or Spotify (compatible on both Windows and OSX or Mavericks). These computer multimedia speakers are active speakers being driven by a digital signal processor (DSP) using optimized signals from high specification hi-fi amplifiers.

Magetically Shielded
Most speakers are magnetically shielded so they can be places next to monitors too. Recommended specifications for computer multimedia speakers should have a frequency response between 65Hz to 23kHz with a power output of 100W per speaker. Also for 3.1 systems you will benefit from subwoofer output if you want to add a separate subwoofer for extra bass. Available in different finishes to match your laptop or your furniture these active bookshelf speakers will also feature three digital inputs such as coaxial, optical or USB. We also stock computer multimedia speakers that will deliver sound using WI-FI technology and you will be able to stream your music library without the inconvenience of wires.

Multimedia speakers cover a wide catch-all of applications but they are most noted for being use in a desktop/ laptop computer application. These then for the most part will connect to the audio output socket of your PC/Mac via a 3.5mm stereo jack. On some occasions the speakers can be connected via a USB socket on the computer also. This can allow digital control of the volume directly from your laptop as well as output more than just stereo sound to some systems. Due to the ease of connectivity these speakers can be used to connect to any music playing item with a 3.5mm headphone output. This means they could be used for portable items such as smart phones and mp3 players. Although for this purpose there are now products more suited to this application.

Quality of Sound
If you have an interest in music and have spent time around a laptop of computer monitor with built in Tiny, thin and quite frankly noise making speakers you will understand the importance of having better sound. Watching media on our pc’s and laptops is increasing in use more and more due to you tube, Netflix and other such direct video streaming services. PC games have great sound available to them to and create a more immersive experience when you do have good sound. So something as simple as adding a good quality pair of speakers to your computer can make poor quality you tube videos easier to understand and hear, Netflix, Amazon prime Movies and TV shows more exciting, Spotify, Napster and Dezzer music streaming more realistic and room filling and computer gaming more immersive and involving. The question almost should be why I not have multimedia speakers.

Different types of multimedia speakers.
There are quite a variety of multimedia speakers available from many different brands. These come in all shapes and sizes not only to match audio performance but to integrate with the decor of the room they are in. Some will be a small pair of stereo speaker which will stand alone either side of your laptop or computer monitor Such as Bose, Audio Engine, KEF or Yamaha speakers. Some will be larger bookshelf type speakers which will give greater audio performance but take up a little more space like the audio engine range of powered speakers. The most popular are a subwoofer and satellite set of speakers allowing great audio performance but with a small pair of speakers on the desk which take up a small amount of space and a subwoofer to be places under or by the side of the desk on the floor providing the bass you need without compromising desk space like the Bose or Acoustic Energy.

Most of these multimedia speakers will not just connect to the one device you intend them for like your PC. Most will have extra inputs for other more portable devices to like tablets and smart phones via a 3.5mm jack socket or standard RCA connections. There are also some and more coming with wireless connectivity to. The Monitor Audio range of air stream products have apples air play wireless system built into them meaning that they can be placed anywhere and have wireless music sent to the from you Mac, iPhone or iPad. Others like the Ruark speakers have Bluetooth once again making for great placement options without the wires and also being able to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device such as laptops, smart phones, tables and more.

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