Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf Speaker Guide

Bookshelf Speakers can look very discrete within most home Hi Fi Systems and can sound extremely decent with good musicality, take into account the cost of Speaker Stands when deciding your overall budget. The choice is huge and there are many speaker good brands to choose from, bookcase speakers are normally passive, however for more discrete applications you may wish to consider Wireless or Bluetooth Speakers or Active speakers with built in amplification.

Choosing Bookshelf Speakers can be problematic and time-consuming, it’s always best to do your research and decide what is the most suitable and within your budget. There are many brands to choose from and the British design and manufacture some of the finest speakers in the world so how do we go about choosing the right speakers for you. First of all, consider what amplification you have or what your Hi Fi amplifier will be if you are choosing that at the same time, most speakers have an impedance which will be between 4 and 8 ohms, this is the resistance of the voice coils of the speaker and most Hi Fi amplifiers will be designed to work with that impedance,

Room Size for Bookshelf speakers

If your room is relatively small then channel your efforts on bookshelf speakers, do not worry that a large amplifier over a 100 watts will be unsuitable for your 70 watt speakers, it is a mistake to think that you need an amplifier with less power than your speakers, the reason being that with smaller amplifiers when you attempt to turn up the volume it creates transients, this is distortion in another word spikes of high current which will damage your speakers very quickly, so always choose your amplifier to be larger in terms of watts than your speakers.

Any person who loves and enjoys listening to the music wants to hear their favourite tracks with a truly natural sound, without distortions and a good soundstage. So what choices and benefits are there for bookcase speakers? Obviously, the main benefit is the size of bookcase speakers, they are designed essentially to be placed on a bookcase although in the real world most customers are aware that placing the speakers on stands is a way to improve sound quality,

Entry Level Bookcase Speakers

Starting with entry-level speakers, you can benefit from a sound that fits well into a small to medium room. These speakers are very compact in size normally made of wood with a light stiff wood fibre cones. Two main design principles are incorporated in most Bookcase speakers, infinite baffle and Bass reflex, the design difference for infinite baffle is that the speaker box is sealed and with a bass reflex there is a built-in port either at the rear or built into the front that allows the speaker to breathe. They can produce differences in sound however for infinite baffle they are very much less efficient that a bass reflex speaker and will require a much larger amplifier to command the same volume levels so these would be more suitable to mini-sized systems and amplifier’s that are relatively smaller.

Monitor Bookshelf speakers

Mid-level monitor bookshelf speakers will add extra power and sound sensitivity for a bigger soundstage and a more accurate musical reproduction and used for bigger rooms. Some of these models will feature magnesium/aluminium alloy drivers as they are designed to bring studio concept into the home. Normally such speakers will be heavier between 7 to 10 kilos each with dimensions not bigger than 40cm high by 30 cm wide and 40 cm deep, frequency range can be as low as 47Hz and up to 35 kHz with a relatively flat response.

Bi-Wireable Speakers

Most of our bookshelf speakers will feature gold-plated Banana type connection sockets that can accept either Banana plugs or Spade terminals. Some models are bi-wireable by segregating the high-frequency tweeter and main base drivers and this is a profound improvement in a more open and defined soundstage providing even better musical reproduction. Bi-wireable speakers can also be bi-amped giving further gains in openness and tighter more refined bass response.

Speaker Placement and Positioning

Placement and positioning of your speakers can have a tremendous effect of how they sound so this can be critical in the way you position them. Placing your Bookshelf speakers directly next to a wall can have a detrimental effect on tonal accuracy and to a greater respect a tight and controlled bass response will be lost. This is generally a matter of fine tuning the position, just relax and listen to one of your favourite pieces of music and locate the position that provides a natural and distinct sound stage with a controlled base response. Another aspect of positioning your speakers is to slightly angle or toe-in whilst you ate sitting in your normal sitting position and you can then attain a focus with a wide soundstage whist at the same time producing a smooth treble without it appearing to bright.

Should you require any help or advice on Bookcase Speakers do not hesitate to contact our help line on 02476 631707 or email, our experienced staff are here to help.

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