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Portable Radio Guide
There are many products to choose from and major brands such as Pure and Roberts’s have a range of radios from small pocket size radios to larger designs which are suitable for lounge or bedroom. First decide what features you require, such as DAB or just AM/FM decide ifs it needs to be just a simple clock radio and what sort of alarm functions are needed, whether you need a fully portable battery operated radio or if it’s just going to be for the home.  There are radios with built-in iPod docks and radios with built-inn Compact Discs Players, the choice is wide so decide on the features you require first and then make our choice.

DAB or Just FM
FM has been historically a brilliant system for the transmission of radio stations, good quality, full bandwidth transmissions that are clean from the usual interference that is expected from AM transmissions. Because of the full bandwidth experienced by FM radios and the millions of consumers that have FM radio in the home as well as in the car, DAB has been hesitant in replacing FM. The Government was expected to set a date whereby all FM radio stations would close but in 2013 Ed Vaizey, the then communications minister, told the industry much more needed to be done to persuade listeners to convert to DAB before a date can be set, so for the considerable future FM will continue to dominate.

Do I need an Aerial
Most AM/FM radios come with a built in aerial, but it's always wise to check before you buy.  Dab digital radios are no different and usually feature either a standard telescopic aerial or built in. if you live within the coverage area then this is usually sufficient to pick up a signal. If you are receiving a clear signal then there's no need to install an external aerial. If you live on the fringes of your local radio area and your reception is poor then it may be beneficial to install an outside aerial

What is DAB
DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and is the future of radio broadcasting. Some key benefits for “going digital” are that once you've purchased your brand new digital radio you can enjoy benefits for free, forever. Also you get a wider selection of radio stations to choose from, including both local and nationwide stations. Some towns and cities will have 40 or more digital stations. At least double the number currently available to most people on FM. DAB digital radio means interference free listening wherever you are wither at home or on the move.

What is DAB Plus
DAB+ is an upgrade of the current DAB system, the main advantage being that it is three times as efficient meaning that it can carry far more stations and at a far higher audio quality than on DAB. Other benefits include transmission costs being far lower; less spectrum being required; reception quality is far more robust; and DAB+ is a much greener technology because the overall transmission power required is far lower. DAB+ is also the current standard across much of Europe so if you are to travel, the radio travels with you.

No Hiss, Crackle or Pops
There's no hiss, crackle, or pop, no fading, no overlap, just great radio all the time. That means an improved sound quality from a radio station like never before. Also another benefit is that you don’t have to tune in. With a DAB Digital Radio there are no frequencies. Just choose the station you want by name from the text display screen. You are in control of your own music, so you can rewind at any point a song a listen again. You can always see the name of the song, artist along other valuable details. And if there is an update to be made, you can always update your system via Wi-Fi or USB port.

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