Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth and Wireless Speaker Guide
Once upon a time good sound quality only came from high price Hi-Fi systems, which cluttered the room in wires? However, thanks to Bluetooth and wireless speakers, great sounding, portable systems now can be completely cable free. AirPlay is an Apple protocol conceived by Steve Jobs for his range of iPhone and other devices use iTunes to listen to music around the house. Airplay Speakers can wirelessly connect between your computer systems by piggybacking onto your home Wi Fi network, Airplay being Apples propriety technology is only available for use with OSX devices, Mac computers and IOS devices, Bluetooth on the other hand works with a wider range of devices and most brands (apart from Apple) have Bluetooth enabled devices.

There are many different shapes, sizes and companies to choose from and we have selected some of the best names in the business, remember that brands that are already established in home portable audio and Bluetooth market are going to provide best sound reproduction. Most people are looking for a Bluetooth speaker big enough to deliver high-quality sound but still small and durable enough to be taken on holiday. Not surprisingly, you'll find premium audio brand Bose at the top here, with its Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker III. The new generation of the Bose Bluetooth sets the standard for portable Bluetooth audio.Other great brands from Sonos Kef and Naim Audio with prices ranging from below £100.00 to £700.00

Bluetooth Sound Quality
Most Bluetooth speakers are small with pretty good sound quality. They are compact with easy portability, they're designed with built-in amplifiers to deliver full-range audio whenever you want. You can stay entertained wherever you go, from a party to the pool to a picnic in the local park. Bluetooth speakers make it easy to listen to music, watch movies, play games and more, you can take them anywhere and everywhere.

Connecting to Bluetooth speakers
Connecting to Bluetooth speakers easy, but if you want to bypass your settings and just start playing music make sure to look for a speaker with NFC. NFC, or Near Field Communication, allows compatible devices to connect to a speaker via Bluetooth simply by tapping the two together.  Connecting a speaker to your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet, portable game console or laptop is easy with Bluetooth technology

There is no need special apps or hardware to use this technology as long as both the device and audio system are marked Bluetooth-enabled. However, there are some apps available for some speakers to help make the experience more user-friendly. You can also find some wireless speakers that use Wi-Fi or AirPlay.

Battery life of Wireless Speakers
One thing that’s important, however, is battery life. Some devices don’t last longer than a few hours, while others can go for days. The vast majority are also charged via USB, so you’ll need to juice them up before you leave.

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