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Power Supply Buying Guide
HiFi source components are very sensitive to electrical pollution and mains voltage fluctuation because the audio signal they produce is at a very low voltage, and this signal must be amplified in order to drive the speakers. Amplification is achieved by using the incoming mains supply to electronically boost the signal, and a polluted mains supply will prevent the electronics within your HiFi equipment from operating as intended. This causes a cascade effect within the electronic circuitry, resulting in a polluted amplified signal.

Benefits to your Hi Fi System
The audible benefits from adding a separate power supply are fundamental to the music: improving timing, dynamic range, clarity and order. Particularly complex music becomes both easier to understand and listen to. Inclusion of a Power supply offers the additional benefit of allowing the pre-amplifier to be left switched on constantly, independently of the power amplifier, keeping the unit's complex circuitry fully stabilized at all times.

Why Power supplies are so effective
To get the best from your system, you must provide each front-end component such your amplifier and sources such as CD players and turntables with a conditioned, isolated, pollution free and a pure sinewave electrical supply. This can be achieved with a separate power supply. The basis of incorporating these extra modules within your system is to reduce distortions in the sinewave contained with the ac supply to the home, as well as reducing the unwanted radio signals (RFI) which are superimposed on the average electrical supply. One extremely important aspect of secondary power supplies is the ability to produce on demand a clean and extra boost of available power when an amplifier is at its limits particularly when reproducing lower frequencies which need extra power to control the base line, extra benefits include having an ample reserve for the most demanding music.

Turntable Benefits
Turntables are very sensitive to noise pollution from an unclean mains supply, and higher end turntables because of their extra sensitivity can be most improved by installing a turntable power supply designed to provide a perfect isolated 50 c/s a/c stabilised current with great accuracy providing the listener with an enhanced musical and detailed experience.

Your Current Mains supply
Electricity demand is subject to fluctuations on a seasonal basis, across the week, and during the day. Demand can also be influenced by irregular events, such as particularly extreme weather conditions. So for example during cold weather and during peak demand times, your mains supply will vary considerably. Voltage variation in the UK is ridiculously high and very common and unfortunately it’s also getting worse. Government regulations force the electricity generation board to maintain a 240 volt 50 c/s plus or minus 10% so a peak maximum of 264 volts and a minimum of 226 volts are allowed so appreciate how your sensitive Hi Fi products are going to behave with this variation, and this variation will only get worse as the supplies gets more eroded.

Top benefits
There are some brands like Cyrus and Naim and are very famous for the extraordinary improvements, they are designed to ensure extra sound enhancement and a constant and regulated supply to other components that guarantee a continuous and highly accurate and regulated DC voltage, some are designed purely for amplification components, some are designed purely for Compact discs and turntables, each purposely designed to provide the greatest improvement.

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