Digital to Analogue Convertors

Digital to Analogue Converter Guide
Why you should need a digital to analogue convertor or commonly called a DAC, for most audiophiles it is a must have as these devices will translate digital signals into an analogue signal in order to produce the original sound. This way you will benefit from a high-quality sound and be able to listen to great quality music as close to the original as possible. Computers can understand digital signals unfortunately our cannot and neither can headphones and loudspeakers so we need to convert these signals into an analogue form that we can hear, In essence the better the digital to analogue convertor and higher quality conversion the better and more musical will be your reproduction.

DAC’s are an essential part of any system
DAC’s are an essential part of any digital system and upgrading your DAC will certainly enhance your ability to reproduce the best musicality and reproduction. For example whether you use iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or any other of the multiple sources available today, you will benefit enormously, a DAC is a very versatile way of improving your iPod dock and applies to all apples devices, some DAC’s may also include a headphone socket for direct listening.

Leading Brands
At HIFIX we stock digital to analogue convertors from leading manufacturers such as Arcam, Audiolab, Audioquest, Bryston, Chord Electronics, Cyrus, Denon, Musical Fidelity, Naim, Primare, Project, Quad and Teac. So, whatever DAC you need we have a great choice. Many have won the coveted What Hi Fi Awards to make your choice easy.

Digital to analogue convertors can be purchased with a multitude of different capabilities and features that will cover most budgets. Starting from a simple USB stick DAC, that is a plug-and-play device and will improve the sound that your laptop, pc or mac is reproducing. This is normally equipped with a 24bit convertor chip that is normally found on mid-level cd or Blu-Ray players.

Entry Level DAC’s
Entry-level product will accept files 16 bit/44kHz to 24bit/96kHz high resolution and most audio codecs. Some of the other Digital to Analogue Convertors are USB powered and have headphone amplifiers built in for a better high quality sound and features extraordinary performance beyond their price point. Combining all these features you will get a state or art sound with incredibly low jitter and ultra low distortion. Some other featured DAC’s will benefit from WIFI integration so you will be able to stream your music via WIFI from your mobile, tablet, pc, mac or laptop.

Higher Resolution DAC’s
Some of our Digital to Analogue Convertors from brands such as Arcam, Cyrus Audio and Naim will convert your sound at 24 bit/192kHz resolution for enhanced conversion and increased musicality. Benefit from true up sampling technology, most models will have a coaxial output as well, optical connectivity and USB 2.0 port.

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