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  1. Arcam PA240 Power Amplifier
    Arcam PA240 Power Amplifier
    Our Price £1,999.00 RRP £2,199.00 Save: £200.00
  2. Arcam PA410 Power Amplifier
    Arcam PA410 Power Amplifier
    Our Price £1,299.00 RRP £1,399.00 Save: £100.00
  3. Arcam PA720 Power Amplifier
    Arcam PA720 Power Amplifier
    Our Price £2,649.00 RRP £2,899.00 Save: £250.00
  4. Arcam SA10 Intergrated Amplifier
    Arcam SA10 Integrated Amplifier
    Our Price £695.00 RRP £735.00 Save: £40.00
  5. Arcam SA20 Intergrated Amplifier
    Arcam SA20 Integrated Amplifier
    Our Price £995.00 RRP £1,099.00 Save: £104.00
  6. Arcam SA30 Integrated Amplifier
    Arcam SA30 Integrated Amplifier
    Our Price £1,995.00 RRP £2,199.00 Save: £204.00
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Hi-Fi Mini Systems and Hi-Fi Separates Guide 

Hi-Fi is a simple word but there is a huge difference in sound quality between systems, so what is the best way to choose a Hi-Fi System, simply set your budget then research what is available within it, decide on what features are important what sources you will be using such as turntable or CD or maybe you just need to a radio tuner to listen too. The size of rooms can be an important consideration; larger rooms are not suited to mini systems, due to the limitations of the amplifier and speakers but can sound extremely good within smaller rooms.

Hi-Fi Mini systems offer many of the benefits of a separates system but in a neater compact form, all from one manufacturer and with one remote. Choosing a mini system can offer neat space saving solution with the surprisingly good sound quality for a given budget.

Further benefits to choosing Hi-Fi separates besides the added bonus of sound quality is the ability to upgrade or incorporate new technologies that seem to advance on us every year. Small compact rooms are ideal for mini systems however for larger rooms we would certainly recommend Hi-Fi separates as volume equates to the overall power in the amplifier and this is measured in watts per channel, so in a large room where space permits, Floor Standing Speakers are normally an advantage to fill a room with outstanding quality of music without forcing smaller speakers to louder levels, for further advice do not hesitate to call our experienced sales team on 02476 631 707, or email us at [email protected]

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