Hi Fi System Package Deals

Hi Fi System Package Deal Guide.

HiFix have put together a great selection of award winning package deals carefully chosen to match each component to produce incredibly good sound quality.  We have designed all our Hi Fi Package Deals for their ability to work together in a balanced way reproducing enhanced levels of sound quality by matchig each system package to the best combinations, these package deals offer great value for money and savings over their individual prices.

HiFix have spent many hours selecting, pairing and matching the best full-size systems to the best speakers from the world’s top brands providing a an unsurpassed choice of products that will provide you with years and years of quality reproduction. You can make huge savings of up to 30% on high street prices if purchasing these products separately; they are all brand new with full guarantees and a backup service from the UK’s number one provider.

Top Brands
HiFix stock some of the world’s top brands such as Arcam, Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer and Yamaha, each product carefully selected for sound quality and build quality, don’t forget to look out for some of the later systems that can be networked, Apple devices and others can be connected by the iPod dock, the front USB or by AirPlay, Apple’s own streaming technology or music on your PC, NAS or from the internet can be streamed to your mini system. Online services Spotify and last.fm are supported too. And via the digital input the system can be expanded, by for example connecting your TV or set top box.

Compact disc
You can listen to your favourite CDs, radio stations or even your iPod, many feature detachable speakers so that you can arrange the system whichever way you like and still produce great sound. Appreciative ears are the only qualification required for choosing a good system and that's why you can be your own expert.

DAB Radio and FM
As well as the conventional FM Stations and MW bands some of the latest Mini Systems incorporate DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) which gives you benefits of additional features. Digital Audio Broadcasting gives you more station choice, 'Hiss and crackle' free reception, one touch re-tuning with no frequencies to remember and dynamic text information which tells you what and who you are listening to. DAB is reportedly available in over 80% of the UK.

Streaming music has created a new generation of music lovers whose only experience of sound might be listening through the give-away earphones supplied with their phone; most systems now have ports for iPod to enable you to stream your favourite music so listening to good quality mini systems will provide a wonderful musical experience, also connections are available to enable most mobile phones to connect via a jack to phono lead or via USB. Bluetooth is another technology which is increasingly popular that enables you to connect your mobile phones directly to the system

HI Fi Turntables
Vinyl record technology provides the best reproduction of music that has yet been devised, it may be a relatively old technology but it has never been surpassed and Listening to music is one of the most pleasurable things you can do and is extremely relaxing. Additionally, there is more joy listening to music when a good quality Hi Fi turntable is used, the musical priorities are dynamics, transient speed, definition and tonal accuracy. Definition and tonal accuracy are especially important for great imaging capability and is one of the key factors that separate the mediocre to high performance Hi Fi turntables. Vinyl is still the best format.  Not many systems have the ability to connect a turntable, fortunately there is an easy solution, just add a phono pre-amplifier to your system line in connection and your system is then complete.

Most Hi Fi Pundits agree that vinyl is still the world's most satisfying medium for the reproduction of music. It reigns supreme in terms of performance and quality - unlike CD, there seems to be no limit to the musical information that can be laid down on vinyl. In recent years, advances in turntable design have caused the gulf between CD performance and vinyl to widen even further. Currently most Hi Fi Turntables today offer a variety of features to give you what you need to enjoy your LP collection. Below, we've outlined some common features and options that you'll come across when you are choosing, and what they mean so you can decide which ones best fit your needs.

Headphone Listening
Don’t forget that most mini systems have headphone sockets for personal listening, why not choose a good quality pair of compatible headphones from great companies like Bose, Grado, Denon, Sennheiser, Bowers and Wilkins, check out our Hi Fi Headphone category, you will be amazed how good the sound quality can be.

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