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  1. Apollo Storm 6 Solid Oak Hi Fi Stand
    Apollo Storm 6 Solid Oak Hi Fi Stand
    Our Price £519.00 RRP £559.96 Save: £40.96
  2. Atacama Evoque Eco 60-40 4 Tier Hi-Fi Stand  - Dark Bamboo
    Atacama Evoque Eco 60-40 4 Tier Hi-Fi Stand
    Our Price £539.00 RRP £719.96 Save: £180.96
  3. Hi Fi Racks Grand Stand 4 Tier Rack 723x603  - Oak
    Hi Fi Racks Grand Stand 4 Tier Rack 723x603
    Our Price £2,699.00 RRP £2,905.08 Save: £206.08
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Hi Fi and AV Equipment Stands Guide
Recommended as a great way to enhance the overall quality of your sound system and is an important element to upgrade to ensure the highest quality of musical experience, as well as the functionality they have a great sense of Aesthetic value, enhancing not just the equipment products placed on them but the whole room.

Ranges of the best HI Fi and AV Equipment Stands and Racks
At Hifix you can find a wide range of racks and equipment stands for both Hi Fi and AV products, No matter how big or small your equipment is, it is an important purchase to enhance your overall sound and musical experience. No matter which colour you are looking for, we have what you need. Almost any stand or rack is customizable and you can remove or add racks as you wish.

Improvements In sound Quality
Most systems need a rigid and solid support to help to isolate the equipment from vibrations not just the vibrations from the speaker’s themselves but the many low frequency vibrations caused by extraneous sounds. Isolation can be improved in 3 distinct ways, first the heavier the stand the more stable it will be in absorbing vibrations, secondly it will also improve the quality of sound reproduction by isolating the stand from the floor and this is where spikes are essential to isolate and create a stable and rigid platform.
As well as the stand spikes further improvements can be made to ensure that each shelf is also isolated and for Audiophiles the final improvement would be to fit individual isolation cones below each item of equipment and particularly products such as CD players and Turntables. Hi Fi and AV Equipment stands decouple sensitive Hi Fi and AV equipment particularly turntables, Compact Disc Players and larger power amplifiers from the supporting structure and eliminates sound transmission, significantly improving definition and overall imaging and this has an effect on the musicality and enhanced enjoyment to music and sound effects. It works by the elimination of energy transfer to the surrounding surfaces. The result is markedly enhanced sound clarity, superior isolation and tightening up of the bass, providing a more accurate sound stage.

Design and construction
HiFix offers various designs and materials, metals stands have historically been the norm but recently there has been a sudden increase in wooden stands mainly because of their beautiful designs. HiFix stock a huge range of HI Fi and AV Stands of all sizes and heights and of course all budgets.  

Stands Add Functional and Aesthetic Value
Popular brands such as Atacama and Hi Fi Racks not only add functional value but also add aesthetic value to your home. Hi Fi racks are very flexible and can carry Hi Fi Components with variety of various sizes and weights and a wide choice of wooden finishes. For flexibility and design features check out Hi Fi Racks with a large range of options in multiple finishes and sizes. With the current trend of hanging most plasma screens to the wall it’s inevitable that more and more ancillary equipment is connected too and physically placed immediately below the plasma screen and this is where the advantages and benefits of AV racks and stands come in to their own, providing a good solid and isolated support and the benefit of cable management system to hide away the inevitable mess of cables. Remember that Hi Fi and AV stands and racks have a great influence over sound quality they not only look good but all are designed to bring in subtle improvement’s to your system

Popular Choices
Atacama one of the most popular brands offer a wide selection of British made Hi Fi stands racks designed to satisfy today’s Hi Fi enthusiasts looking for great value, quality and outright performance. The Atacama Equinox series is legendary, winning numerous prestigious What Hi Fi awards designed as a modular system around a fully welded carbon steel framework with choices glass finishes and 6mm toughened glass. Award winning ranges such as Eris Eco range takes rack technology to the next level by incorporating bamboo shelving on a pre-assembled carbon steel frame, with the special edition version featuring upgraded isolation components to enhance the performance further.

Stand Accessories
Last but not least HiFix have a range of stand accessories that will improve sound quality at minimum cost, Atacama supply many such items such as Isolation spikes, Isolation Cones and many more innovative products that will improve isolation and low frequency vibrations.

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