On Ear Headphones

On Ear Headphone Buying Guide
For the ultimate personal music experience, a pair of high quality, on-ear headphones is the way to go. Whether you want a lightweight folding pair for the daily commute, a pair of closed-back headphones for studio monitoring, or a set of open-back headphones for pure musical enjoyment, a high-quality pair of on-ear headphones will provide you with countless hours of musical bliss.

You love your music and you are always on the go? You are a DJ and want to reduce back ground noise or even if you just love your music but the sound quality is not very good on your existing headphones then HiFix have the sort of brands and models that can improve your listening experience. These headphones have infinite sound potential and can range from basic, inexpensive models to more sophisticated audiophile headphones that boast full-range frequency response and hi-fidelity sound.

Supra – Aural Headphone designed
Also called “Supra-aural” headphones on-ears are popular because they can be made using lightweight materials and present a nice portable alternative to more bulky over-ear models. They also give you that more natural “open” sound and tend to allow more of the environment in since they don’t completely close off the surroundings like (closed) over-ear models. They are also a bit more portable than full over-ear headphones and offer some comfort advantages as well.

Closed Back Headphones
Closed-back on-ear headphones form a seal between the ear and the outside world, and so are much better at isolating noise from other sources, as well as leaking less sound out. The other advantage of the closed-back design is that because the driver isn’t effectively radiating directly into the outside world, they generally have more powerful bass than their open-back counterparts. However, compared to open-back designs, closed-back headphones can sound a lot more “shut-in”, as the drivers have less space around them. Hifix are pleased to sell closed-back designs from Denon, Klipsch, Onkyo, Sennheiser, Bowers & Wilkins, Bose®, and Yamaha.

Open Back Headphones
Our range of open-back on-ear headphones provide a large soundstage, with many of them you wouldn’t believe that the drivers are just millimetres from your ears! These types of headphones provide possibly the biggest musical enjoyment, however they can have less bass than closed back designs, and are poor at isolating noise, as well as generally leaking a lot more noise than closed-back designs. We at Hifix supply open-back designs from Grado and Sennheiser.

The more portable designs of on-ear headphones sold by us at Hifix generally fall into the closed-back design, as this is more ideal for travelling. This is due to the increased noise isolation properties that closed-back headphones naturally have. Many of these also come with an in-line remote and mic, for controlling your smartphone and taking calls.

Design Materials
On ear headphones are comfortable and convenient to wear, ear cups are specially made from different material such as foam, leather or synthetic to minimize resonance and give all the natural sound that you expect. Some of our ear pads are handmade giving distinguish and stylish look for the product. Connections are usually made through 3.5mm gold plated jack or using 6.3mm adapters for the professional grade headphones. Leads are normally between 2 to 6 meters long and some of them benefit from the remote control. You can connect them to your Android, or iOS mobile to control the volume of your music or calls and answer or decline calls.

Comfort Tips
Normally on ear headphones are made with comfort in mind so you won’t feel them after hours of intensive use. The ear cups are designed after studying human ear to make sure it will fit comfortable on any person and also to avoid any sound leakage. Persons around you don’t have to listen to your music too, no matter how loud you listen to it. The materials are durable so they won’t crack easily and the weight is usually around 200 up to 350 grams. Impedance for different systems is at 22 ohms for a great sound and sensitivity starts from 12Hz to 20 kHz so you won’t miss any music notes anymore. The driver units range from 5 to 60mm in diameter depending on the style.

Top Brands
At HIFIX we have what you need, to suit business or your budget. Experience outstanding stereo sound or breathtaking technology such as 5.1 from manufacturers such as Bang and Olufsen, Beyerdynamic, Bose, Bowers and Wilkins, Denon, Grado, Klispch, KEF, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sennheiser or Yamaha you can experience HD sound quality, setting a new standard reference in wired headphones.

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