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Hi Fi Cables and Speaker Cable Guide

Once you've got a hi-fi system you're happy with, a quality set of cables is the next logical upgrade. A great set of cables will ensure that no sound quality is lost between the CD/record player and the speakers. At HiFix, we have a range of fantastic quality cables which should last a lifetime as well as reducing the restriction and distortion applied to the system.

Those with a top-of-the-range hi-fi system will experience the most noticeable changes in sound quality by upgrading their hi-fi cables. The best cables are designed to eliminate any interference or ground noise travelling along it, creating a purer, higher quality sound.

Good Engineering

All electrical signals lose a degree of quality when travelling down a wire. This is mainly due to electrical resistance and is more apparent the longer your cable is. Those with especially long, thin cables may even experience distortion in their listening experience as a result. Thicker, better quality wiring - which is no longer than it needs to be - is key to eliminating this problem, so ensure that you do not over order on the length and make sure that each cable is exactly the same length.

Speaker Cables

Ordinary speaker cable can be OK but for real improvement’s look out for Oxygen-free copper conductors as these are less prone to resistance and transmission issues, for the audio file and for a real difference in clarity look for conductors that utilise precious metals like silver or gold plating and also ensure that these are OFC conductors

Many of those who invest in better wiring find that their music is clearer and more defined. All the sounds are where they should be and not scattered around due to propagation delay. A great set of cables are really key to getting the most from your sound system.

Ever since the rise of digital music at the turn of the century, more people have been using their personal computers as their primary music-playing device. This is undeniably handy for storage but unfortunately there are few PCs which are heavily optimised for incredible audio performance.

USB Cables 

Those who use a laptop or PC as an integral part of their music system could certainly benefit from upgrading their cables. At HiFix, we stock a range of USB cables including USB to S/PDIF converters for those who want a more consistent performance than a standard USB connection provides.

Phone Leads and Subwoofer Cables 

Whatever your setup looks like, HiFix has the cables that could make a significant difference to your listening experience. We stock phono leads, sub-woofer cables, HDMi cables, Ethernet cables and mains power leads. All of our leads are incredibly well insulated and constructed with expert precision. Take care of them and they could potentially last a lifetime. Mains conditioners are also an option worth exploring for those hoping for maximum filtering with little insertion loss.

High-quality hi-fi cables can make your speakers sound like you've never heard them before. You could give your entire CD collection a brand new lease of life.

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