This Is Now How Easy Streaming Is

This Is Now How Easy Streaming Is

One box.

easy streaming

Streaming has always been fairly complex. Ripping CDs to a computer, transferring the files to a NAS drive. Some discs aren't recognised, some have incorrect metadata. A PC is needed to correct this information. When you want to rip a new CD to your NAS drive, you needed to boot up your PC and go through the process again. That is now a thing of the past.

The Zen box sits on your network. You feed it discs. It rips one in less than 5 minutes. It is then ready to stream.


You no longer need a complex PC for any reason at all. You can now correct metadata extremely easily via the web browser of a tablet or phone with an interface that looks more like a simple app than The Matrix. Touch it, change it. Simple.

easy streaming

Importing existing music libraries on your network is as very simple process. Click on Import in the drop down menu, then click on the source of the library to import. Done.

easy streaming

Innuos' Zen products are widely compatible, integrating seamlessly with multi-room solutions such as Sonos and Denon HEOS as well as stand alone hi-fi streamers such as Linn and Naim.


You don't even need a streamer to use a Zen. Plug it directly into a stand alone digital to analogue convertor via USB and choose your music via any number of control interfaces available. Alternatively you can leave the Zen sat on your network to supply any streaming device in your home.

Even if you have an all analogue system, all you need to do is add an AudioQuest Dragonfly DAC and an audio cable to the USB output of the Zen - instant high quality, digitally stored music direct into any system.

High Quality

All Zen products rip to FLAC with no compression, fully preserving audio quality. Hi-res music up to 32bit/384kHz including MQA can be imported very easily.  TIDAL, Spotify, and Deezer can be accessed (with subscription) as well as BBC iPlayer along with tens of thousands of worldwide internet radio stations.


The Zen Mini is a compact half width unit ideal for most situations including Sonos and Denon HEOS multi-room systems. The Zen is a full width unit capable of more storage and also utilises a linear power supply. The Zenith takes things further with solid state storage with triple linear power supply for those with higher quality hi-fi systems. This also provides quieter, faster operation.

This is now how easy streaming is.


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