Sennheiser RS165/175/185/195 Range Headphones

"With the RS 195 wireless headphones, rediscover the pleasure of listening."


Have you ever wanted to own a pair of headphones that you will love, without the use of wires? The RS range is a fantastic range of headphones which does just that. The RS165 has vibrant sound and really brings the most out of your music, the RS175  is surround sound so you will get a nice full sound from these headphones, the RS185 gives spacious sound, and finally the RS195 is for personal hearing which lets you rediscover the pleasure of listening.

RS 195 Personal Hearing

Innovation: Hearing aid technology implemented in headphones 8 channel filter bank – this refers to signal compression (reducing loud, amplifying quiet sounds), when some frequencies are more important than others. After decomposition, the important frequencies can be coded with a fine resolution. 3 bank compressor used in mixing – again to tailor the sound most effectively for maximum hearing ability, improving intelligibility in vocals for example, taming a drum etc. Speech and music enhancements verified by user tests. Selectable hearing boost presets for crystal clear speech and music for individual hearing needs – used research from 30 hearing impaired people. Treading on territory of audiologists: A = little bit of bass boost and G = extreme push on high frequencies and less bass boost (22 dB max amplification)

  • Balance control
  • TV background noise suppression
  • Additional speech enhancement and music mode
Already have a pair? Here is a guide on How to Set-Up the RS 195!
1. Turn on TV to a programme with speech
2. Set the balance, in case you prefer one side louder than the other
3. Hold the mode button for 2 secs so the LED above the ear“ symbol lights up
4. Choose from A‘ to G‘
5. (Sound limits are now being applied so no unpleasant bursts in volume and low levels will remain audible)
6. Speech boost‘ press mode until left LED lights up (TV reporter as example – he/she will be emphasised) reduces noise
8. Music boost‘ allows more overall volume and high frequencies as well as slightly boosting the bass for music listening
9. (To switch between sources TV and Hi-Fi use the input selection at the back of the transmitter)
10. To disable all modes and restore/increase volume hold mode button for a few seconds

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