Record Store Day 2019 Releases

Record Store Day is approaching once again and we have finally got a list of full Record Store Day releases. Every year artists such as Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and a bunch of other well-known artists will re-release their vinyl making it Limited Edition and well sought after. One thing we love about Record Store Day is that it gives indie artists and less well known faces to make a breakthrough and to become better known around the world.

With Record Store Day being a world-wide event everyone gets to enjoy the day around the world. There are very few dealers in the UK, but here in Coventry you can visit our very own Record Store on Record Store day, which is the 13th of April 2019. Normally throughout the day we have vinyl displayed around the shop for you to purchase at RRP price, we do not take advantage of record store day for profit but rather share the love of music and se David Bowie Pin Ups ll the vinyl to all at a fair price. That being said on the day we have a limit of 1 of each vinyl record per customer per record, meaning one person couldn't buy a batch of the same record and sell them off for profit, we are heavily against that. We also cannot hold back records as we like to make it fair on customers who have waited in the queue, some wait for hours before we open!

So why should you visit Hifix on RSD19? Why wouldn't you want to come visit Hifix on Record Store Day! We have a range of food and refreshments available on the day as well as demonstrations of a plethora of Hi Fi products, we are rumoured to have Rega, Kef, Chord, and a few other dealers on the day to show off their products, and possibly tempt you to expand your hi-fi. So come down for a fun filled day, we will have the list of dealers confirmed soon so watch out for that list, and we will also have prizes to win on the day.

Here is the following list of vinyl records that will be released on Record Store Day, whilst we try to order all titles available, please bear in mind that these are limited editions with limited copies available so we may not receive all titles on the day. If you drop Kevin a call on 02476 525 200 or an email with what you're looking for on [email protected] he can try to order the record in for RSD19.

Want to see a full list of Vinyl Records? Check our Vinyl Record Page, or click HERE for a full PDF list of RSD 2019 releases. Record Store Day vinyl can only be purchased on 13.04.2019 and cannot be pre-ordered or be left behind until you arrive, it is a strict first come first serve basis so remember to join us on the day!

Record Store Day 2019 at Frank Harvey HiFix

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