Hi Fi Switching Boxes

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  1. QED SS20 2 Way Speaker Switch Parallel
    QED SS20 2 Way Speaker Switch Parallel
    Our Price £68.95 RRP £129.95 Save: £61.00
  2. QED SS21 2 Way Speaker Switch Parallel
    QED SS21 2 Way Speaker Switch Parallel
    Our Price £75.95 RRP £169.95 Save: £94.00
  3. QED SS30 3 Way Speaker Switch Frount View
    QED SS30 3 Way Speaker Switch Series / Parallel
    Our Price £74.00 RRP £119.95 Save: £45.95
  4. QED SS50 5 Way Transmatch Speaker Switch
    QED SS50 5 Way Transmatch Speaker Switch
    Our Price £169.00 RRP £279.95 Save: £110.95
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Speaker Switching Box Guide
Speaker Switching boxes allow hi-fi and AV systems greater flexibility by adding inputs or outputs, or allowing multiple pairs of loudspeakers to run from a single hi-fi system. These are usually the easiest way to expand an audio or video system. Our range of switching boxes will make a perfect match for those extra requirements.

The benefits of using Hi Fi switching boxes are varied but essentially they will enhance the performance of your system and provide a safe and secure way of expanding it around the home. They are very useful for customers to run speakers and devices in other rooms. Bluetooth is the latest technology to enable music around the home and the latest systems are Bluetooth enabled which means no running of cables and easier plug & play installation.

Speaker Switching Boxes
A speaker switching box will allow a single hi-fi system to run more than one pair of speakers, being able to supply anywhere between two or five rooms with music, or utilise more speakers in the main listening room. Each pair of loudspeakers can be selected or deselected independently via buttons on the front panel. “Series” switching boxes help the amplifier to see a safe load from more than one pair of loudspeakers, and are ideal for budget hi-fi systems and mini systems, whereas “parallel” switching boxes, which are usually better for sound quality, so are better used in high quality hi-fi systems.

The loading of your amplifier is an important consideration for example most amps will load below 4 ohms however on some of the smaller amps the load can be as high as 12 or 16 ohms, this could result in damage to the amplifier and for this reason it is wrong to load the amplifier with extra speakers, for any help or advice just ring our help line on 02476 631 707

HDMI Switching Boxes
Running out of HDMi inputs, too many devices to connect, then you will need a HDMI switching box to permanently connect all those extra devices such as game consoles, Blu ray Sky HD, projectors etc. For those with surround sound receivers or televisions that are running out of HDMI inputs, a switching box can be used to increase the amount of usable inputs to add more HDMI equipped products. Inputs are usually selected via the front panel, or sometimes a supplied remote control.

USB Boxes
A USB box allows the flexibility of adding a USB equipped product like a PC to be connected to a hi-fi system. The usually way to do this is to use the analogue output from a computer, which is usually the worst way with regards to audio quality. Connecting the computer via USB into the box takes the signal digitally, and this is then converted to an analogue signal via a high quality digital-to-analogue convertor.

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