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  1. Atacama HDL Spike Shoes (Pack Of 4)  - Nickel Silver
    Atacama HDL Spike Shoes (Pack Of 4)
    Our Price £18.95 RRP £24.99 Save: £6.04
  2. Atacama HDS Spike Shoes (Pack of 4)  - Satin Black
    Atacama HDS Spike Shoes (Pack of 4)
    Our Price £16.99 RRP £19.99 Save: £3.00
  3. Atacama Isolation Gel Pads Black
    Atacama Isolation Gel Pads Black
    Our Price £14.44 RRP £17.99 Save: £3.55
  4. Atacama Isolation Gel Pads Clear
    Atacama Isolation Gel Pads Clear
    Our Price £14.45 RRP £17.99 Save: £3.54
  5. Atacama Top Spikes Pack Of 8
    Atacama Top Spikes Pack Of 8
    Our Price £9.95 RRP £10.99 Save: £1.04
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Our ranges of Hi Fi accessories at HiFix include many accessories for overall sound improvement, for example one very important consideration for speakers, turntables and many other Hi Fi seperates is the way that mechanical vibrations can have on overall sound quality. For example with speaker stands ensure that spikes are fitted which will help to isolate external vibrations from interfering with your sound quality, Isolation spikes can improve sound on many other products such as Hi Fi turntables and CD players.

Did you know that most speakers stands can be filled with sound improvement Atabites, Atacama Atabites are zinc coated micro discs that increases the natural sound properties and enhances isolation properties for your speakers to work much more effectively and at the same time improving extraneous vibrations and again these improvements can be made for little cost.

Some very low cost solutions can be very effective in enhancing sound quality, checkout the ranges of Hi Fi Stands and brackets which can make a really large difference to sound quality, checkout your Speaker cables and Hi Fi Interconnect leads such as Phono Cables as these will make huge improvement’s by choosing the correct ones, for more advice contact our help and advice line on 02476631707.

Hi Fi Systems normally come with a set of interconnect leads and speaker cables a great improvement can be easily achieved by investing an upgrade for these, remember a pigs ear will not normally make a silk purse but match the quality of your system to the quality of your Hi fi Cables and Interconnect leads, I guarantee you will be impressed with the difference.

Our Audio Enhancement range also includes record and CD cleaning kits for your system to make sure it never delivers its optimum performance. Keeping CD’s clean can prevent skipping jumping just like Vinyl records and products like Milty Permaclean can help achieve this. Hifix only stock the highest quality products and are proud to have accessories from brands like Audyssey, Atacama QED, Milty Yamaha and many others.

Hi Fi Accessories include speaker cable Banana plugs, if you have connectors on the rear of your speakers make sure that they are fitted with good quality speaker cable banana plugs, good connections can improve your sound quality considerably and will alleviate the risk of fraying wires that can damage your amplifiers. For wireless and Bluetooth adaptors, programmable remote controls and also system remotes and other ancillary products HiFix can provide advice and recommendations to most problems and issues, just contact one of our experienced sales advisers on 02476 631707 and we will recommend the best solutions.

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