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Speaker Stand Guide
Popular brands such as Atacama and Hi Fi Racks not only add functional value but also add aesthetic value to your home. Hi Fi racks are very flexible and can carry speaker with variety of various sizes and weights. Remember that both speaker stands have a great influence over sound quality they not only look good but all are designed to bring in subtle improvements to your system.

Atacama one of the most establishers manufactures offers a wide selection of British Speaker Stands designed to satisfy today’s Hi-Fi enthusiasts looking for great value, quality and outright performance. The Atacama Nexus and Moseco ranges are legendary, winning numerous prestigious What Hi-Fi awards designed all UK designed and built, also our long-standing favourites the Mission Stance Speaker Stands designed to work with most bookshelf speakers.

Just like with any component in your Hi-Fi system, deciding what speaker stands to purchase should be carefully researched. The weight rating, construction materials, top plate construction, base and feet, height, and cable management capabilities should all be considered.

How tall should Speaker Stands be
When seated it’s advisable to have the speaker tweeters at around ear level. Thus, the height of your speaker stands is dependent on the height dimensions of your speakers and the height of your seating.

Speaker Positioning
Positioning your speakers correctly plays a huge role in your system's performance. And in an ideal world, everyone’s listening room would have perfectly arranged speakers and acoustically treated surfaces. However, in the real world its not always possible for perfect placement, but it’s always wise when fitting new speaker stands to ideally place them 6 to 8 feet apart, and with a little patience toe them in aiming at you favorite listening position and try and find the sweet spot, vary the distance away from the wall as too close will create a loose and floppy baseline. So, even if your room isn’t perfect, making some simple adjustments will improve your listening experience.

Sound Quality
A well designed and solid speaker stand positioned correctly will help achieve the best overall sound quality and also create an essentially tight and controlled bass response, so any Speakers placed on a shelf or table cannot perform efficiently because the surface the speaker is resting on will also vibrate in sympathy with the speaker.  Solid and well-designed speaker stands isolate the speaker's vibrations from the floor allowing you to hear the bass from the speaker and not vibrations from a shelf, table or floor. If your speaker stands are sitting directly on the carpet then invest in speaker stand spikes, this will further isolate the speaker and improve overall sound quality.

Speakers need a rigid support and speaker stands help to isolate the stand from vibrations not just the vibrations of the speaker itself but the many low frequency vibrations caused by extraneous sounds. Isolation can be improved in 3 distinct ways, first the heavier the stand the more stable it will be in absorbing vibrations form the speaker, secondly it also improves the quality of sound reproduction by isolating the stand from the floor and this is where speaker spikes are essential to isolate the and create a stable and rigid platform.

Last but not least HiFix have a range of stand accessories that will improve sound quality at minimum cost, Atacama supply many such items such as Atabites, a material that used to fill speaker stands improving isolation and low-frequency vibrations.  They also supply many innovative accessories like Isolation Gel Pads, which will ensure that a ridged connection is made between the speaker and stand these are manufactured by Atacama who has researched and developed many isolation accessories over many years.

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